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ADN/BCN receives a Special Mention Award at Llum bcn Festival

We are happy to anunce that the lighting installation ADN / BCN designed and produced by students form IED Barcelona in collaboration with Milena Rosés, form our team, as an alumni and Michela Mezzavilla as a lighting tutor, has won the Special Mention in the Llum BCN Festival Awards helt last weekend in Simon's all factory.

Llum BCN is a lighting festival hosted in Barcelona city center, where professionals and students from all desciplines, get toghether to desing and produce a lighting pice for a specific location. More than 14 Art & Design Schools participates each year in made this festival a growing event, reaching 3.000 visitors in its last edition. If you want to read more about the lighting installation and the festival, take a look at the links below: ADN / BCN lighting installation Llum BCN Festival

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Lighting Design

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