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Milena from our team has been selected as a finalist in the Lamp Lighting Solutions Awards

We are very pleased to announce that our partner Milena, with her project Bus Lights, has been selected as a finalist in the last edition of the Lamp Awards.

The project, which aims to improve the current system of the Barcelona bus network, has been selected from more than 500 projects. After two eliminatory rounds and several months of waiting, the 20 finalists have been announced, who will also participate with their project in the elaboration of the book "Lighting Concepts" Since its starts Lamp Awards has grown expotencially, making its celebration every year more significant. In this 7th edition, more than 43 different countries participated and the record has been achieved with a 60% participation of lighting designers.

The 4 winning projects will be announced at a prize-giving ceremony held in Esplugues (Barcelona) next June 15th. We wish her all the luck in the world :)


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