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Words Project, a big success in Sónar+D

Last week it was held in Barcelona one of the most consolidated music festivals in Europe. International fame proceeds its late editions, not only because of the music but for their commitment with new technologies. Four years ago, Sónar had the bright idea to create a space for new developers to expose their work; a place where experts from all over the world (technicians, entrepreneurs, artists, companies and researchers) could get together and share the present initiatives and tools that will shape future creative experiences. Sónar+D is the meeting point every forthcoming “pro-technologies” festival should have.

Since its second edition, IED is been actively participating with several projects designed by students and alumini of the school. This year participants were Danaë Fischer, Milena Rosés (lighting designer in our studio) and Junior González with the project WORDS.

After many months of research and development the project became one of the main attractions on Sónar+D where people could play and interact with the lighting and sound reactive installation.

You can read more about it here.


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Lighting Design

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