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reMM participates in the Barcelona Design Week

As part of the engagement we have with conscious design, we could not resist the temptation to participate, somehow, in the "Barcelona Design Week" held this week in the city. So when Simon Lighting contacted us with the offer it felt quite impossible to decline.

The workshop proposed by Simon was divided in 3 main stages

The first was a great speech by Marta Aymeric from WAY, a company specialized in brand communication and color trends. Marta talk about the connection between light, color and emotions and how architecture is the perfect container to all of that. She showed different examples where light+color are the perfect tool to master the latest trends on space design around the world.

The second stage was also connected to the talk through the theme light and color. The participants could relate the key points of Marta's speech with the Simon|100 interactive Space designed by Antoni Arola, descovering the self-emotions given by the experience.

Michela Mezzavilla was in charge of the third stage, the most interactive one, where the public could put into practice all they had learned in the other two stages.

The workshop was especially designed for the occasion in collaboration between the studio and Simon Lighting, and it was divided in 3 different settings: retail, hospitality and offices.

We could say it was kind of a masterclass where professionals, and people interested in the subject, where provided with tips in real time view. In each setting were installed different kinds of lighting, such as a Bio Dynamic recessed light, some Point projectors whit different beams or the new slim system designed by Fluvia where one can decide either to have direct or indirect lighting.

The participant could see the changes and effects of different types of lighting and how the way we light an space can transform the whole perception we have of it. Turning on and off the variety of lamps through the app of the control system Scena we could simulate different real life situations and learn how can we contribute to better lighitng.

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